Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Two Year Old Twins

Archer and Avonlea turned two!  It's so crazy to me that they are two, and no longer babies.  Greg and I are going to have to adjust our vocabulary; we always refer to Palmer and Brody as "the boys," and Archer and Avonlea as "the babies."  Archer and Avonlea were showing true initiation into toddlerhood this morning and were very much embracing the terrible twos.  They were so needy and throwing so many tantrums that at 11:30 I had to lock myself in our room and keep them out so that I could get dressed and ready for the day.  They definitely can cause a lot of chaos and raucous!  But they cause a lot of wonderful things too!  They fill our lives with silliness, adventure, joy and a lot of love.  They are so considerate of each other.  They are always concerned about their twin being treated fairly and being able to enjoy all that they themselves enjoy.  It's so very sweet.  There really isn't another relationship that is like what twins share.  We are so lucky to have them!  This is what is going on with Archer and Avonlea at two years of age.

Archer has such a love of life.  He is beginning to show signs of being a wild and energetic boy, like his big brothers.  He wants to play like the big boys and is very adventurous.  He has a great smile, one that is all his own, not like his siblings shared wide mouthed smile.  He has a cute little giggle and an incredibly loud scream!  Avonlea cries and whines more often, but when Archer does, everyone in the neighborhood hears it.  He is a big jokester and loves to act silly.  He is a very picky eater, the pickiest of all our kids.  He is becoming a bit of a daddy's boy.  And often when paired up with the boys usually chooses Brody.  Here's a run down of Archer at two.

He's learned: to ask for most things he needs/wants, to identify most of his body parts, to tell us when he needs a diaper change, to drink from a cup, to climb in and around play equipment.
He likes: fruit snacks, candy, blueberries, crackers, baths, his blanket, swimming/playing in water, climbing on play equipment, being tickled, Frozen, Mickey Mouse, Elmo, going out of the house, sunglasses and shoes
He dislikes: meat, bread, most vegetables, and going to bed
Things he does/about him that makes us laugh: uses clicking his tongue to say "clean up," toothy smiles, and little chuckles.

Avonlea is our little princess.  I wondered if she would be a tomboy since she is our only girl, but she continues to love all things pink, glittery and girly.  She is a bit sassy too.  She gets attitude and throws tantrums over the most trivial things.  She wants to sign off on everything she wears (she isn't interested if it doesn't look girly) and how I do her hair (she says "piggies" if she wants pigtails or "bow" if she wants a headband).  Her sassiness is definitely balanced out with sweetness.  She loves to snuggle and be held.  She makes everyone feel loved and appreciated.  She loves her family and extended family and many of our friends and will seek them out and cry when they have to leave.  We always say that Archer cries like he has a broken bone, and Avonlea cries like she has a broken heart.  She feels everything so intensely.  Here's what Avonlea is all about at age two.

She's learned: to ask for most things she needs/wants, to sing little songs, to identify all her body parts, to tell her when she needs a diaper change, to drink from a cup
She likes: pacifiers (I snipped the tips of her on her 2nd birthday, and she was not happy with me), hamburgers and fries, icecream, playing in water, cuddling, being held, holding hands, Frozen, Mickey Mouse, Little Einsteins, Elmo, baby dolls, anything girly or pretty, jewelry, hair bows, sunglasses and shoes.
She dislikes: being alone, climbing on play equipment (she's too nervous), going to bed
Things she does/about her that makes us laugh: she tries on everyone's shoes and tries to walk in them, a happy dance she does, big beautiful smiles, and silly giggles.

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