Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Creative Kids

Our summer activities list is just about checked off.  We have been busy the past couple months!  It's been a lot of fun.  Amongst many outings, we've also made sure to do some creative stuff at home.  My boys absolutely love to craft and I highly encourage their interest.  Here are a few fun things we've done this summer.

We made butterflies to drop off in Lilly's mailbox.
We made and decorated sugar cookies with cousins Amaya and Alyssa.

We built a fort.
We made and played with play dough with cousins Trevor and Davis

We made creations with perler beads... a lot!

We scrapbooked.

We decorated our bike/scooter/wagon for a Forth of July parade with neighbors.

Like I said, we've been busy.  I'm so blessed to have the creative, fun and energetic kids in my life!

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