Monday, June 2, 2014

Summer Break

We have grand plans for this summer.  Palmer and Brody helped me make a bucket list for summer vacation 2014.  It's a lot to do!  But I do like to be busy, so I think it'll work out just fine.  Included on the list is: Chuck E, Cheese, roast marshmallows, aquarium, fireworks, scrapbook, zoo, slip 'n slide, ice cream sundaes, Build a Bear, children's museum, nature hike, play in the sprinklers, make playdough, Lagoon, swimming, play date with friends, rock climbing, bounce house, water balloon fight, Wheeler Farm, Make candy necklaces, sleepover with cousins, west Fest, build a fort, lunch at the park, camping, decorate sugar cookies, splash pad, outdoor movie, puppet show, farmer's market, dinosaur museum, teddy bear picnic, sidewalk chalk, jungle jims, storytime at the library, snow cones, bowling, bbq and Nicklecade.

I'm a big believer in working hard and playing hard.  So they kids will still have daily chores, and academic work.  And they will be earning their activities this summer by being kind and serving one another.  I realized we needed a system to keep kind behavior in check on the first day of summer break as the boys were fighting nonstop.  I came up with the idea of a service contracts.  The kids get two warnings, after a third strike due to being mean to a family member they lose the next planned summer activity.  To earn it back they need to plan and do six acts of service for the offended family member.  So far it's worked like a charm.  We've only had to do one contract, on the first day.  Since then, the boys have been trying very hard to be kind and considerate.  It's lovely!

Here's to a fabulous summer!

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Lynette said...

Fantastic idea (the service contract)!