Thursday, June 5, 2014

Hugs for Lilly

Our good friends Jay and Tiffany found out earlier this year that their six year old daughter has Leukemia.  We have all been very concerned for little Lilly.  I was able to visit with her parents last weekend and found out that she has a mailbox on her front porch where friends can drop off little notes for her.  The boys have been very worried about her and have been praying for her daily.  They want to see her, but we've told them that she can't be around other kids because they could get her sick (her immune system is compromised).  So when I found out about the mailbox I knew we had to send Lilly some hugs.  We traced the boys arms and hands on long pieces of paper and then they colored them.  They also made a few cards too.

Please pray for Lilly and her family.  They are wonderful people who deserve the very best.  If you'd like to read more about Lilly and her journey you can do so here.  And if anyone would like to help the family out and have some fun along the way, there is an upcoming 5k to raise funds for her medical expenses.  You can get the details and sign up for that here.

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