Thursday, June 26, 2014


I celebrated my 32nd birthday this month.  Greg gave me a Vitamix this year, which the whole family has greatly been enjoying.  We had a simple family party where we made personal pizzas and had cake and ice cream.  I love birthdays, and partying, but I don't love getting older.  I struggle with my age more birthdays than not.  Even though I don't particularly enjoy aging, I am very grateful for my life!  I am so blessed and am able to enjoy so much.  So instead of counting years this birthday, I'm going to count blessing.  Here are 32 things I love about my life at this point and time.

  1. My husband - he is simply the best!  After 9 years of marriage, I still can't get enough of him.
  2. My kids - they make me feel a little, okay a lot, crazy most days, but I wouldn't change my situation with four small kids for a moment.  They fill my life and make my life an adventure.
  3. The gospel - The Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints gives my life direction and purpose.
  4. My extended family - they are my best friends.  I know I can always count on them.
  5. Our home - I am in love with our new home.  It's so beautiful and calming.  I am still amazed that we are actually here and it is actually ours.
  6. Zumba - Zumba is my greatest stress reliever!  I get to dance and have tons of fun; it's great for my body and spirit!
  7. My callings as Primary Chorister and Relief Society Activity Chair
  8. Fun summer activities with my kids
  9. Ward friends - I am so grateful that I have been able to remain close with our friends from out previous ward.  Losing contact with them was my biggest fear in moving.  And we are also beginning to make new friends in our current ward.
  10. Eternal families
  11. Date nights
  12. Hot baths in our garden tub
  13. Scrapbooking
  14. Cheap blueberries from Costco
  15. Naptime - what a blessing that it's right in the middle of the day so I can regroup and clean up before I lose my sanity
  16. Greg's job - it's fairly flexible, has good hours, pays well and makes him feel happy and fulfilled; it's the best job he's had yet.
  17. Home baked goodies
  18. Home decorating - We've been slowly adding decor to our home, one pay check at a time.  For the first time (we were too poor in our first apartment, and just used the majority of my parents left behind furniture and decorations in the home we purchased from them) our home is a true reflection of my taste and style.
  19. Organization
  20. Family dinners
  21. Baby snuggles
  22. Netflix and Hulu - I am a watch at your convenience, pause your show 100 times before you get through an episode, television viewer.  Without these, I would never have a chance to enjoy my silly, guilty pleasure shows.
  23. Pinterest
  24. Scramble
  25. Greg's humor
  26. Palmer's charm and excitement
  27. Brody's imagination and quirk
  28. Archer's puppy pant and love of life
  29. Avonlea singing Let it Go and all her girliness
  30. Girls' nights
  31. Flip flops and painted toenails
  32. Blogging - revisiting my love for writing, sharing our lives with others and reflecting back

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