Friday, May 23, 2014

Singing a Song is Fun to Do!

I was extended a new calling last month, Primary chorister.  When I was asked if I would accept the call I informed the Bishopric member that I am not very knowledgeable about music, but I am good at making up games and being overly enthusiastic with kids.  He said that's all the calling would take, and so I happily agreed.

I am a co-chorister so I only work in Primary every other week.  I've only done a couple singing times so far, but I am LOVING it!  I get to be creative, play and sing with a bunch of happy and eager kids.  It is fabulous!  I also pop into the nursery for a short time to do singing time in there.  I was a bit worried about how that would pan out with the twins.  They just started going to nursery willingly a week before I received the call.  But so far, it has been fine.  I spend most of the time in there with either Avonlea or Archer, or both of them, on my lap or in my arms, but it works.

I am also still serving as Relief Society Activities Chair, which I love too.  Last night we had a Family Feud activity and it was a lot of fun.  I feel very blessed to not only have one but two callings that I thoroughly enjoy!  Give me partying with girlfriends and playing silly with kids any day, and I am a happy girl.

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