Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Palmer's Minion Birthday

Palmer is a one in a "minion" kind of kid.  So when we decided he wanted a Despicable Me themed birthday party, we were all aboard with idea.  He celebrated his six birthday with about 20 other kids.  I made and distributed this invitation.

We made a few fun decorations.  On the front door we placed Gru welcome sign that read, "Waaaait a minuuute... Just a few party rules: You will not cry, or whine, or laugh, or giggle, or sneeze, or burp, or fart.  No annoying noises.  Now you may come in."  We wrapped Twinkies in minion wrappers that were used as prizes (Palmer also took these to school for his birthday treat to his class).  We put minion goggles on yellow balloons that were placed all over the house.  We had a minion language translation poster on display.  For favors the kids got to take home a freeze ray (water gun) and a bag of popcorn that looked like a minion.

We made a box of shame, like the girls had to sit in at the orphanage.  All the kids thought it was hilarious to get their picture taken inside of it.  It was a huge hit!

We played a version of hot potato, but instead of a potato we passed around a bottle of the formula PX-41 (purple colored water in a bottle).  We played music from the movies while the kids passed the bottle around.  If the music stopped when you were holding the bottle you became a purple minion and you were out.  Last yellow minion standing one.  It was a lot of fun.  They kids all loved it!

We then took the freeze rays over to the nearby park and had a water gun fight.  The kids were supposed to freeze for five seconds if they got hit with the water.  It was also a lot of fun and it got out a lot of energy, always a plus in my book with kids.

We came back to the house and opened presents.  Palmer really wanted a fart gun based on the movie.  The boys had come across the toy almost a year ago, and still remembered it and wanted it.  It's not my favorite toy, but a kid only turns six once, so we got it for him.  He was thrilled, as were all the other kids at the party who wanted to play with it.

Sariah and I made minion fondant tops for cupcakes the week before.  They took a long time!  But they came out adorable!  I don't like fondant, so I put them on the cupcakes with a yummy buttercream.  Which was a good idea because most of the kids at the party pulled off the fondant and just ate the cupcake with the buttercream.  We sang happy birthday, Palmer made a wish and everyone ate up.

We ended the party by watching the minion movies while the parents came to pick up their kids.  It all turned out to be so much fun!  One of the best parties we've had.  Thanks going out to our family and friends who helped with preparation and came out to party with us!

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