Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Brody's Preschool Graduation

Brody graduated from his first year of preschool.  Grandma Betty, Greg, the kids and I all attended the ceremony.  The preschoolers sang songs, and each told the audience what they want to me when they grow up.  Brody said a firefighter.  Only he and one other kid actually said a profession.  All the other kids said they wanted to be a princess, The Hulk, etc.

Brody only spent half the school year in preschool because of our move, but he did great during the short time.  He really enjoyed going to school, and made friends there and loved his teachers Mrs. Mele and Mrs. Autumn.

His favorite part of preschool was probably the day Greg came to visit.  The kids were learning about music that day.  Greg brought his drums and gave the kids a quick lesson and let them each have a try playing.  The kids then asked Greg to jam so they could dance, which he happily obliged.  Brody was so proud to show off his rock star Dad at school.  He also loved going on field trips with his preschool.  This year the class went to the library and the farm.

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