Friday, April 18, 2014

Spring Break Outings

Our colds and eye infections did finally begin to pass and we were able to go on a couple outings as a family on Friday and Saturday.

On Friday we went to the zoo.  We all had a great time!  Honestly the kids and I were so sick of being stuck in the house, Walmart would have been a treat at that point!  Our favorite exhibit was the newly added area for the seals and sea lions.  The kids watched them from underneath the water for a longtime.  We had such a great time, that we decided to get a family year pass so we can go back often.

On Saturday we went to the newly opened Loveland Living Planet Aquarium.  It was SO busy!  And only half the animals were there.  Thankfully we were advised to get our tickets online and that saved about an hour in line.  The babies were really upset and overwhelmed by the time we left.  The boys seemed to enjoy it even amidst the crowds.  They gave us a return ticket for free to come back when all the animals are present, which is good, because I did not think it was worth the money for the first visit.

This week we are all feeling much better, almost over the nasty virus.  And the weather has been beautiful!  We had a playdate with our friends the Jennes, attended a cousin's birthday party, and have returned to the fitness center's classes/daycare, and it's all been great.  We try to have fun whether or not school is in session.

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