Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sick House

Just call us the sick house!  This week has been consumed with runny noses, coughing, fevers, vomiting, sores, eye infections, and lots and lots of tissues and medicine.  I was so looking forward to this week, it being Palmer and Brody's Spring Breaks.  We had great plans for a fun staycation.  On Monday, I got in one visit to McDonalds before the plague hit.  We suffered the rest of the week, quarantined except for a visit to the doctor for Palmer when he developed pink eye, and an emergency visit to the dentist for Brody when he cried every time he ate because his tooth hurt (which turned out to be a gigantic, about a half inch, canker sore!  Looks like he will be prone to dealing with numerous nasty canker sores just like his Dad).

The virus seemed to hit Archer the hardest.  Our normally happy, independent, adventurous little boy turned whiny, clingy and lethargic.  Myself, Greg, or a grandma was pretty much holding him for three days straight.  I have been sick also, so that added difficulty to taking care of all my sick children.  One night I was so worn out and burnt out that after Greg returned from work, I left the house and treated myself to a relaxing, quiet and pampering pedicure.  It was worth every penny!

We are mostly better now.  The cough is still lingering with me.  It always seems to take me the longest to get over illness.  I look forward to the upcoming warmer months and the usual corresponding better health.  Give me sunshine and clear noses and I am a happy girl!

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