Friday, April 18, 2014

General Conference with Small Children

General Conference with little children isn't always easy.  It will be nice to one day in the future be able to really focus and take in all the messages, until then we'll try our best.

This year we used this packet for the first day of conference.  Palmer really enjoyed it, but was done with it within the first half hour of the conference.  Brody wasn't interested all.  In the past, we used this packet and it seemed to last a bit longer and keep their interest better.

During the third session we had cups with assorted candy and gospel words on them.  Each time the kids heard a word, they got a corresponding candy.  The paid attention most of the time with this activity.  But the babies were a mess about the candy!  They wanted all of it, and of course didn't realize its intent.  So Greg and I spent most of that session trying to appease the babies and putting out fires as the twins would get into the boys' candy stashes.  I wish we had done it during their naps, it would have worked like a charm.  A friend told me that she uses this activity during the entirety of conference, and just changes the words out each session.  I think when the twins are a little older, that's what we will do.  Treats do seem to motivate the kids, honestly, they motivate me too!

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