Friday, February 21, 2014

More Things Our Kids Say

I love how the minds of our five year old and four year old work!  They are so sweet, innocent, curious and down right funny!  Here's a few gems they've said to me recently.

"When you grow up you get muscles.  Daddy almost has muscles."

While playing the Wii, "Ah!"
Me: "What?"
"I have a boogie [on my finger].  I can't press B!"

Got a Knight Lego set for Christmas and calls the Knight with long brown hair and a beard his "Jesus Knight."

"Mommy, did you know kids like sugar?"

Began a conversation with the following notion, "One day when you're not a kid anymore and you grow up to be a Jedi... wait, I mean parent..."

"Mom, why do you want to be tall and skinny?" (I always tell him it's great that he is tall and skinny, and that I wish I were too.)
Me: "Because that usually means you're healthy.  And people think you look nice when you're tall and skinny."
"I think everyone thinks you look nice Mom."

After I said good night to him and told him I loved him he exclaimed emphatically, "Mom, I love you more than I can be!"

Palmer's conversation to me on our walk home from school, "There's a girl in Ms. Berry's class that I like. She has really pretty glasses, and a princess backpack, and curly hair. She's really nice to everyone. I love her." I laughed aloud at that last part so he quickly retracted and said, "I like her." Then at dinner I told Palmer to tell Greg about the girl. He said the same things but ended the recap this time with, "I'm amazed." 

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Sariah Nichols said...

I love you more than I can be too. :) Your kids are so darling,and charming. <3