Tuesday, February 25, 2014

New Callings

Greg and I were extended callings in our new ward a couple weeks after we moved in.  During the past six month while we lived with Nancy, Greg didn't have a calling and I taught Primary every other week, so we haven't had much of a demand concerning our church service.  We were both happy to be more involved again.

Greg was called as the first councilor in the Young Men.  He seems to be really enjoying the work so far.  He is impressed by the young men in our ward.  And has enjoyed his association with the other leaders.  When we was set apart, he was told in his blessing that he was called to serve in the position because he had attributes that the young men of the ward needed and that he could and would change their lives.  He is assigned to work with the Teachers in the ward specifically.

I was called to be over the Relief Society activities, a calling I did for many years in our previous ward.  I happily accepted.  I really enjoy the calling.  I like planning, partying, stretching myself creatively, visiting with sisters... what's not to love!?  And I plan on putting other activities I've prepared and spent countless hours on to use once again.  Hooray for recycling!

We do miss our old ward.  We really had a ward family there, one that was very difficult to leave behind.  We have had some of our friends from the old ward over, and I am very grateful that we are still close (in proximity and emotionally) so that we can keep those friendships going.  On the other hand, I do see a lot of promise in this new ward.  We already feel a part of it and at home.  Everyone has been so welcoming.  The church is truly wonderful!  I'm so glad that we can find the same doctrine, organization and acceptance no matter what ward we find ourselves in.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Brody's First Day of Preschool

Brody started his first year of preschool this month.  We started him late into the year because he usually has a hard time with transitions and we wanted to wait until we had moved.  Of course, it took longer to build the house than we anticipated so he only has a few months of preschool left for the year, but it's fine, his teachers say he is doing great and catching on quickly.

He is attending school at our local fitness center.  Palmer also went there for his first year of preschool.  One of the teachers was Palmer's teacher as well.  She told me how she could tell from the first day that they have very different personalities.  She said Brody is very serious at school.  Serious or not, Brody has been really enjoying the class.  He is always excited to go and I am greeted with a happy kid when I pick him up.  (I wish going to his Primary class went as well.)

His first day of school the class went on a field trip to the library.  He thought it was awesome that he rode on a bus and told us all about it.  He also had a Valentine's Party this month and passed out Lego Star Wars valentine with a glow stick (light saber) to his classmates and teachers.  He is learning to write and now puts a big "B" monogram on all his papers.  He's making new friends.  He's learning some fun songs, the pledge of allegiance and has enjoyed several art projects.  So it seems that Brody's school career is off to a great start!

More Things Our Kids Say

I love how the minds of our five year old and four year old work!  They are so sweet, innocent, curious and down right funny!  Here's a few gems they've said to me recently.

"When you grow up you get muscles.  Daddy almost has muscles."

While playing the Wii, "Ah!"
Me: "What?"
"I have a boogie [on my finger].  I can't press B!"

Got a Knight Lego set for Christmas and calls the Knight with long brown hair and a beard his "Jesus Knight."

"Mommy, did you know kids like sugar?"

Began a conversation with the following notion, "One day when you're not a kid anymore and you grow up to be a Jedi... wait, I mean parent..."

"Mom, why do you want to be tall and skinny?" (I always tell him it's great that he is tall and skinny, and that I wish I were too.)
Me: "Because that usually means you're healthy.  And people think you look nice when you're tall and skinny."
"I think everyone thinks you look nice Mom."

After I said good night to him and told him I loved him he exclaimed emphatically, "Mom, I love you more than I can be!"

Palmer's conversation to me on our walk home from school, "There's a girl in Ms. Berry's class that I like. She has really pretty glasses, and a princess backpack, and curly hair. She's really nice to everyone. I love her." I laughed aloud at that last part so he quickly retracted and said, "I like her." Then at dinner I told Palmer to tell Greg about the girl. He said the same things but ended the recap this time with, "I'm amazed."