Sunday, January 26, 2014

New Home, New Job

We've had a lot of change for our family this month.  Just before we were about to close on the house, Greg was offered a new job.  A job that he felt he couldn't turn down.  So we talked to our builders and our realtor and by some miracle, they were able to close on the house a bit early so Greg could take the job without it affecting the loan.

Greg was only able to give his work, EMC, a few days notice because we had to wait for the loan to fund, which was unfortunate.  We really wanted for him to be able to give two weeks notice because the company has been great to work for.  But we had to prioritize the house and the new job, and so something had to give in order for things to work out.  He was sad to leave EMC.  The hours were great; he never worked more than 40 hours and he was always off on time.  The work was easy and recently he'd been working from home about half the time.  It was difficult to give up such a good job, but we did what we thought would make him most happy.  Good, better, best, right?

We moved last weekend.  We moved the stuff in the storage unit Friday night.  Saturday we moved our stuff from Nancy's home to the new house.  Our new ward seems wonderful!  They called us earlier in the week to arrange to help us move in, and a lot of people showed up to help.  They had the whole truck unloaded in 15 minutes, before I even made it to the house to help out.  And everyone was so friendly our first Sunday.

We are still very much unpacking and getting situated.  Greg started his new job just after we moved and had no time off to settle in.  He's been working long hours and the kids have been sick (RSV struck the babies again, ugh!), so the house is still somewhat in disarray.  But we love it, even amidst boxes and unassembled furniture, it already feels like home.

Greg now works for Auto Point as a Senior Network Engineer.  It's the work he wants to do.  He's missed networking and he loves having hands on projects to do instead of being on the phone with clients as he was in his last job.  The hours have been pretty crazy; the company also just moved locations and was just bought by another company which means changing policies, processes, and just about everything, so a lot is going on.  We hope it will eventually ease up a bit; we have gotten used to having him around more.

So that's our life right now.  Through these big changes we've felt very stressed but very blessed.  I've learned through experience not to wish our current situation away with "life will be better when.."  I did that as a single adult, thinking everything would be better when I found the one.  I did that as a newlywed thinking life would be better when we had children.  There were a lot of things I wish I'd enjoyed more while I had the time... like sleeping in and naps.  I tried my best not to think that way when we were waiting for the house to be built.  And for sure, life has not gotten easier since the move, just different.  We have more space, we have a place and feel a part of the neighborhood, but life is still busy, crazy and full of demands.  And it's all good.  Life is good, it's good with all it's stress, change, unexpected twists and boxes still waiting to be unpacked.

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