Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Leaving Kindergarten

Palmer had his last day of Kindergarten, before we transfer schools, on Friday.  I put together these little treats for him to pass out to the class.  They say, "Of all the fish in the sea, I'm glad we swam in the same school."  We also gave his teacher a little goodbye gift (picture and printout here).

His teacher told me that he requested to talk to the class.  Haha!  She said that was fine and so he stood up front and told them many times that he loved them all and would miss them.  Then they all lined up and gave him hugs goodbye.  Adorable.  Kindergarten is just the best!

He doesn't seem too upset about the move.  He is more focused on being excited about his new school and new friends than what he is leaving behind.  However, he has been very emotional about other things, just like he was when we moved six months ago.  So, I think he is more stressed and anxious than he lets on.

Brody always has a more difficult time adjusting to things.  But, so far he has been pretty happy about the move.  We tried to prepare him as best as we could and I think that helped a lot.

We are all excited and ready to make a new home for ourselves at the new house.

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