Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Palmer's Prayers

I adore Palmer's prayers.  They are just like they should be, child-like, innocent, honest.  He talks to Heavenly Father the way he would talk to a friend.  And isn't that just wonderful?!  Just about every prayer he gives (and he gives a lot since he begs to say the prayer any chance he gets), makes everyone who is listening smile.  Here are a few things he has recently said during his prayers.

"We forgot to play Bingo."
"Please let my birthday come soon."
"We're thankful we had so much fun with our cousins."
"We're thankful that it's almost Halloween."
"Please bless that Christmas can come soon."
"We're thankful that I like this dinner."
"We're thankful that God watches over us."
"We're thankful that we have lots of toys."
"We're thankful it is Family Home Evening and that we can play a game."
"We're thankful the babies are so cute."

I pray myself that he keeps his desire to talk to his Heavenly Father often.  And that he is always able to express to Him exactly what he feels.

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