Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Palmer's Prayers

I adore Palmer's prayers.  They are just like they should be, child-like, innocent, honest.  He talks to Heavenly Father the way he would talk to a friend.  And isn't that just wonderful?!  Just about every prayer he gives (and he gives a lot since he begs to say the prayer any chance he gets), makes everyone who is listening smile.  Here are a few things he has recently said during his prayers.

"We forgot to play Bingo."
"Please let my birthday come soon."
"We're thankful we had so much fun with our cousins."
"We're thankful that it's almost Halloween."
"Please bless that Christmas can come soon."
"We're thankful that I like this dinner."
"We're thankful that God watches over us."
"We're thankful that we have lots of toys."
"We're thankful it is Family Home Evening and that we can play a game."
"We're thankful the babies are so cute."

I pray myself that he keeps his desire to talk to his Heavenly Father often.  And that he is always able to express to Him exactly what he feels.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Amaya's Baptism

Our niece Amaya was baptized this month.  We could not be more proud of her decision.  She is a beautiful girl inside and out, and desires to choose the right.

Greg was asked to baptize confirm Amaya.  I was asked to give a talk on the Holy Ghost at the baptism.  We both felt honored to be involved in her special day.
The morning of her baptism, just about everything that could go wrong did.  Palmer awoke at four in the morning throwing up.  He continued to throw up or have diarrhea about every half hour after that.  At seven our alarm went off (although I was already awake with Palmer) and it was time for us to get ready to go.  We decided I would stay home with sick Palmer and Greg would go to the baptism with Brody and read my talk.  I said I would also keep the babies home so he would be able to fulfill his duties more easily.

About a half hour before we were supposed to go, Greg said he really wished we could all go to support Amaya.  Palmer had not been physically sick for the past hour and a half, and had been begging all morning to go to the baptism.  Nancy also voiced that she wanted Palmer to attend and see his Dad use his priesthood powers to Amaya.  Palmer overheard this conversation and took the discussion to mean he had the choice to attend.  After a lot of pleading, I told Greg to ask his sister if she wanted Palmer to come and if she was okay possibly exposing her children to the stomach flu.  She said wasn’t worried about her kids getting sick and she wanted everyone to come.  So, I had a half hour to get Palmer, myself and the babies fed, dressed and ready to go.  We ended up leaving later than originally planned but with just enough time to make it.
We took separate cars since I had plans immediately after the baptism, and Greg planned to return home with the children.  Just as I was getting on the highway, Greg called me and asked me to tell him what his car’s odometer read.  I did so, and he replied that the car was about to run out of gas.  His fuel tank meter is broken, so we have to keep track of miles to know when it’s time to refuel.  I took the next exit but there were no gas station around.  I finally found a gas station, but by the time I did, fueling up ended up being a twenty minute delay!  I was frantic at this point.  Not only was I going to be late, but I also had Amaya’s baptism dress in the car with me (a present from Grandma Nancy which she forgot to bring).  By miracle, I hit every green light and made it to the baptism only a few minutes late.
The babies were quite fussy throughout.  They only wanted me, Greg or Grandma, and at times, we were all busy participating in the program.  The only part without drama was Amaya’s actual baptism.  It was lovely; she was lovely.  As Greg and Amaya were changing afterward, I had both babies who were fussing.  It was just then that Brody leaned over and with urgency said, “I have to go poop!”  Just then Greg walked in the door, so I sent him right back out with Brody.  I had to start my talk before Greg returned, so I handed off two fussy babies to relatives.  I gave my talk; it went well.  I ended and went straight to the back of the room to help with the babies.  Just moments later Palmer came to meet me and said he felt sick.  I once again passed off the babies, and hurried a green-faced Palmer down the hall.  Palmer started throwing up before we could make it to the bathroom.  I cleaned him up as best as I could and we returned just in time to congratulate Amaya. 
It was a morning of madness, to say the least.  But we made it through and we were able to witness something quite amazing.  An eight year old girl, with inactive parents, choosing for herself, to be baptized into Christ’s church.  We are so very proud of her and so grateful we were able to be part of her special day.  We'd do it all again in a heartbeat!