Friday, October 11, 2013

Sleepover Weekend with Cousins

My sister London and brother-in-law Monte ran their first marathon last weekend.  They did amazingly!  We are all very impressed and proud what they have accomplished.

We watched their boys while they were away for the weekend.  That meant we had seven kids (six boys and one girl) in the tiny townhome we are currently living in.  It was wild, crazy and fun.  And when it was over, we were all exhausted.

The boys arrived after school on Friday.  We ate tacos for dinner and fruit with vanilla fruit dip, which they all gobbled up.  My oldest nephew has a glutton allergy, so I tried my best to plan glutton free meals that were kid friendly.  We all cuddled up in the livingroom and watched The Croods with pop, popcorn and cookies.  It was great fun.  The babies even really enjoyed the evening.  Avonlea snuggled up against Greg with a big bowl of popcorn next to her, and Archer crawled amongst the boys getting treats wherever he could.  All the kids, except for the twins, slept in the basement downstairs.  Grandma Nancy was out of town for the weekend, so they happily took over her sleeping quarters.

Sariah came over on Saturday to spend the day with us.  She brought pizza for everyone.  We took the younger kids to the park.  Braedon left in the evening to go to the priesthood session of General Conference and sleepover with his friend.  We had hot dogs and tator tots for dinner.  Greg, Sariah and I took the rest of the kids to Gardener Village to see the witches on display.  It was a lot of fun!  The babies were pretty miserable all week because of teething and colds, but they were happy being out and about.  We bought everyone hot chocolate and Sariah bought all the kids a glow in the dark toy.  The boys again spent the night sleeping together in the basement.


Sunday morning we watched the morning session on Conference all together with some packets (Bingo, coloring and cut outs, games, etc.) for the kids to work on.  Palmer and Brody enjoyed the packets; Trevor and Davis did not.  I had a candy game planned for the afternoon session (the kids listen for a word and get a corresponding candy for each time they hear it, ex. Jesus Christ = Skittles, testimony = peanut butter cups), but Trevor and Davis were done.  A friend picked them up for the rest of the day, so it ended up just being our little family for the last session.

The kids all had a lot of fun with the cousins over the weekend.  I promised them all we would do it again in the new house and they were very excited about the prospect.

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