Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween 2013 - Our Modern Day Fairy Tale

I have never been one to put a lot of money into Halloween costumes.  Greg and I have worn many a makeshift costumes (i.e. crayons made out of colored cardstock, Juno and Bleeker from Juno, three hole punch versions of ourselves at an Office party, etc.).  But, this year I just couldn’t help myself from buying our kids some cute matching costumes, especially when I realized the potential after discovering that we already had a Knight and a dragon costume that half of our children fit into.  So with a little help from eBay, I was able to complete the dressing of our modern day fairy tale, a.k.a. our kids.  Palmer was a king.  Brody was a knight.  Archer was a dragon, and Avonlea was a princess.  Everyone loved their costume except for Avonlea, which is funny because I thought hers was the least uncomfortable.  She cried everytime we put her in it.  All the boys thought dressing up was great fun!

This year the kids wore their costumes to: our ward Chili Cookoff and Trick or Treating party, our previous ward’s Halloween Carnival, Halloween storytime at the Library and trick or treating around the neighborhood.  The babies only trick or treated around the block, but the boys made it for quite a long stretch this year and returned with a lot of candy.

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