Sunday, October 6, 2013

Four Year Old Brody

Brody turned four this month.  To me, the time has flown by.  To Brody, it could not come fast enough.  He's insisted that he is four for about the last six months.  And on his actual birthday he decided he is now five.  He wants to be big like Palmer.  When he grows up he still wants to be a firefighter.  Brody is all about Star Wars right now; the kid is obsessed.  Everything he comes in contact with is transformed into a lightsaber or a space gun.  He likes to call himself "Brody Wan Kenobi."  And a couple weeks ago started asking what other family members' Star Wars nicknames were.  So now our family is made up of, "General Gregous, Padme Mamadala, Palm Solo, Brody Wan Kenobi, Arch2D2, and Princess Avonleia."  Brody has a great imagination.  He is also very hands on and likes to tinker with electronics and tools.  He can be a bit timid and shy around others, but talks his family's ears off.  He is a very determined child (I think all our children are!) and has a temper.  But he can also be very loving and has the cutest smile and gives the best hugs.  This is what is going on with Brody at four years old.

Stats: Height - 43.6 inches (96 %), Weight - 38 lb. (66 %), BMI - (5%)

 He has learned: to tell and create stories, to read a couple sight words, to write some letters and numbers, to recognize his name, to count to 30, to unbuckle himself from the car, to climb, to draw some items, to get dressed, and to play games on the computer and Wii.

He likes: Star Wars, weapons of any sort, super heroes, comfy clothes, stuffed animals, candy, cereal, Kool Aid, crackers, play fighting, Legos and Lego shows, tools, flashlights, the park, playplaces, swimming, blankets, Chuck E Cheese, and rides (especially roller coasters).

He dislikes: eating dinner, waiting for his turn to talk, being misunderstood, and being rushed.

Things he does that makes us laugh: a funny giggle he has started doing with he inhales while squeaking repeatedly, turns everything into a weapon and pretends to fight with it, says funny things daily and cheesy smiles

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Sariah Nichols said...

Guess What: I'm surprised you didn't add his "guess what" conversations.
I love this kid! He has the most charming smile/eye brow raise. Just adorable.