Monday, October 7, 2013

First Words and Twin Talk

The babies have started talking.  It's adorable.  We all get a kick out of their baby talk.  They babble a lot, but do say a few actual words and I think those words say a lot about their personalities and what they are all about.

Avonlea's first words:
  1. "Mom/Momma" - She almost always says this in a whiny/crying voice, and once in a while a yelling angry voice.  On many occasions Greg has said she is all emotion.  She is by far the most sensitive and dramatic child we have, and when all those emotions come to a head, she wants momma.  Or if she's hungry, tired, sad, playful, excited, or simply just sees me, she wants momma.  She loves to be loved, and apparently momma does it the best.
  2. "Archer" - Avonlea is very aware of Archer.  She is concerned about him when he is hurt or upset.  She looks for him if he is not nearby.  She wants to be with him and follows him throughout the house.  We joke that we had the twins because Avonlea didn't want to come to earth alone.
  3. "No no" - Avonlea says this very matter-of-factly, while wagging her index finger back and forth (wonder who she got that from?), and usually says it to Archer.  She is his second Mom and feels the need to tell him off and keep him in line. 
Archer's first three words:
  1. "Thank You" - He is a charming fellow, there is no doubt about it.  He has a smile that will warm and cheer anyone's heart.  He is mischievous and playful and loves to play fetch with us.  In other words, he loves to drop things, anything, and have us pick it up for him, just to drop it again moments later.  And so every time we took something from him in the nick of time just before it plummeted to the floor we would say, "Thank you," in attempts to encourage him to give us the unwanted item instead of chucking it next time.  He now says thank you whenever someone gives him an item or he gives someone else an item.
  2. "Archer" - While Avonlea is very aware of Archer, he couldn't care less about her.  It's not that he dislikes her or doesn't want to be with her.  He is just indifferent.  He doesn't need her like she needs him.  He will go on without her.  If she has something he wants, he takes it.  If he wants to go somewhere and she is in the way, he doesn't go around her, he actually plows over her.
  3. "Uh oh" - Once again, this word was learned thanks to the drop it/pick it up game that Archer loves to play with us.  Except this is what we hear when we fail to catch his sippy/food/toy in midair and it plummets to the ground making a loud noise or a big mess.
They also have recently started saying "hi," Avonlea now too says "thank you," and they both have uttered Dad/Dada a few times. 

Even though they don't have a huge vocabulary yet, they sure are good little talkers.  They talk to themselves, to each other and to any one who will listen.  Avonlea babbles in quite a unique way that involves a lot of fast, high pitched, tongue wagging.  It's hard to explain; you just have to hear it yourself.  Archer has begun to follow suite in the strange alien-like vernacular.  I have heard that many twins have their own language; I think that just might be the case with Avonlea and Archer.

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