Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Pearls of Toddler Wisdom

I love the words that come from the mouths of small children.  At least daily Palmer and Brody say something that I think I need to document because it's so cute.  Unfortunately I usually don't remember most of them.  However, here are a few recent pearls of toddler wisdom that I have been able to recall.


Pointing at a cemetary, "That's where zombies come out!"

Calls cupcakes "pupcakes" and blankets "blanklets," doorbells "dingbells" and latter day saints "latter day space."

Greg asked him "Palmer, do you know what is at the top of the temple (referring to the Angel Moroni).  Palmer responded, "a fairy!"


"Avonlea cries a lot.  Archer cries some." (I will attest that this is a very true statement.)

Is obsessed with Star Wars.  Everything that is long and thin is a lightsaber.  Just about everthing else is a space gun.  He calls Chewbacca "puppy," and Darth Maul "Transfumes" (his word for Transformers, which he thinks are part of Star Wars).

"Measures" himself several times a day by starting his hand at his feet and going up his body to his head while counting.  "I am 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 tall."  The number varies from 5-10 depending on what number he gets to by the time he reaches the top of his head.