Thursday, July 25, 2013

One Year Photo Shoot

We had what we thought was a wonderful idea to have the twins' one year pictures taken with them eating a cupcake.  Their actual birthday was the day before we had their photo shoot.  We gave them a piece of cake that evening.  Archer's reaction to that piece of cake should have clued me in that the cupcake during their photo shoot might not be the best idea; he did not like getting messy from the cake and actually picked it up and chucked it across the room.  During the photo session, Archer once again wanted nothing to do with the messy sugary treat.  He picked it up, threw it down and then proceeded to sit on it.  The only pictures we have of him where he is smiling and happy is when the cupcake is long gone... so he just looks like a messy little boy with no pictured explanation of his dirtiness.  Avonlea on the other hand was a champ with her cake and scarfed it down well and happily (she takes after her mom, haha).

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