Monday, July 15, 2013

Happy 4th and Recipe - Spinach Feta Pasta Salad

We spent the Forth of July with our West Valley ward friends.  We have been a bit homesick since moving.  Celebrating the holiday with them was just what our family needed.  The Nelsons had their annual barbecue.  They always provide the meat and everyone else brings a side or dessert to share.  We brought Spinach, Feta Pasta salad.  It is my favorite pasta salad.  I didn't remember to take a picture, but take my word for it, it's pretty and delicious.

Recipe - Spinach Feta Pasta Salad

1 box large pasta shells
8 ounces crumbled feta cheese
a bag of fresh spinach
2 tomatoes
Italian dressing to taste

Cook pasta according to box directions.  Drain.  Do not rinse with cold water.  Put hot pasta in a large mixing bowl.  Add cheese, spinach and tomatoes.  Mix.  The spinach will wilt as it mixes with the hot pasta.  Add dressing to taste.  Store in refrigerator.  Serve when chilled.

We all ate yummy food, chatted with each other while the kids played together and enjoyed an amazing fireworks show.  The babies had a hard time at first with the noisy fireworks, especially Archer.  But with some cuddles they both eventually calmed down and fell asleep.  Palmer and Brody were enthralled by the fireworks.  I remember the year before Brody had decided to stay inside the house and watch cartoons.  This year we wouldn't have been able to tear him away from the fireworks.  We all returned home tired, covered in ash and very happy.

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