Saturday, July 27, 2013

Dr. Seuss Thing One and Thing Two Party

We had a Dr. Seuss themed birthday party for the twins.  I know, the Thing One and Thing Two theme is so overused with twins, but it's so cute and fun, I couldn't help myself.

We held the party at a nearby park.  We were able to reserve the pavilion through Grandma Nancy's HOA connections.  It was a really big, nice, covered pavilion, next to a huge field and a playground.

We served sub sandwiches, chips, potato salad, assorted vegetables with dip and watermelon.  Auntie Rie made the smash cakes for the babies and Aunt Andrea made the big cake for everyone else.  I didn't cook one thing!  Which was good planning, because Greg had to work all day right up until the party.  With Sariah's help, I barely was able to get everything set up before the party began.

The decorations were simple, but ended up looking pretty cute.  All the plates, utensils, balloons and table clothes were red and turquoise to match Thing One and Thing Two.  A life sized Cat in The Hat banner greeted everyone.  And each table had a centerpiece inspired by a different Dr. Seuss book (stuffed animals, handmade truffala trees, quotes and books, thanks to my wonderful friends Ces and Martha who loaned me cute decorations from their previous Dr. Seuss parties).  We had party hats for everyone: Cat in the Hat hats for Greg and I and Thing One/Thing Two hair for everyone else.

We had a craft table with Cat in the Hat crayon packs and the makings of a Thing One/Thing Two puppet for each kid to complete.  And we had a fill in the blank Dr. Seuss quote paper for the adults to challenge themselves with.

Everyone ate, then we watched the babies eat their personal cakes, which they did not enjoy much.  Archer actually sobbed because it was so messy.  Funny how different the kids can be, Palmer and Brody dug into their first cake and covered themselves in cake and frosting.  Then the babies opened presents with the help of their Grandmas.  The older kids played on the park equipment and played football in the field.


The party was quite the success.  We all had fun visiting and playing, especially Archer and Avonlea.  The twins were spoiled with presents and attention!

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