Monday, June 24, 2013

Eleven Month Old Twins

The twins turned eleven months on the 24th of June.  It's crazy to me that they are almost a year.  Time passes much too quickly in the first year of life, but it has proven to be even more rapid with twins.  They keep us busy and on our toes and the busier you are, the faster time goes by.  They bring the family so much joy.  We all love to play with them, talk to them, and snuggle with them.  This is what is going on with Archer and Avonlea at eleven months old.

Archer is still his easy going self.  However, when he does have something to say, he is LOUD!  His cries of happiness, anger and sadness are all ear piercing.  He has been sick and has for the first time really been enjoying being held and cuddles.  He is a strong little guy.  If he wants something and anything is in his way (usually Avonlea) he just plows on through.  He is getting quite a bit of hair now and it's frizzy and curls up at the edges, which looks pretty darn cute in my opinion.  Here is a little trivia about Archer at eleven months of age.

he has learned: to crawl (started with an army crawl and is now on all fours and all over the place)
he likes: baths, eating, playing with toys, electronics, being held, walks in the stroller
he dislikes: having his nose wiped or face cleaned, men with facial hair
things he does/about him that make us laugh: dances to music, loud squeals, big goofy smiles and hearty chuckles

Avonlea has also been sick for quite a while and has been very needy, whiny and has been a horrible sleeper.  She's been waking up at least once every night for about a month.  I have taken her into the doctor a few times checking for ear infections, and every time her ears have been just fine.  When she gets sick it is always more severe than Archer and she is very dramatic, so her viruses make for some long days and nights.  She has had a few teeth come in the past month and now has seven teeth.  This is what Avonlea is all about at eleven months.

she has learned: to crawl (a couple days before Archer, she also army crawled first), to say "mum," to shake her head no when she doesn't want something, and to drink from a sippy cup
she likes: being held, getting attention, pacifiers, eating, baths, electronics, walks in the stroller
she dislikes: wearing hairbows (but I still put them on her when we leave the house, and put them back on again and again as she pulls them off), being alone
things she does/about her that make us laugh: how dramatic she is about everything, her baby babbles, huge smiles and cute giggles

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