Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Ten Month Old Twins

The twins turned ten months this month.  They are getting so big.  They finally started sitting (on the same day) and from the looks of it crawling won't be far behind.  They are full of personality these days.  We have a lot of fun with them.  This is what is going on with Archer and Avonlea at ten months old.

Archer is one active little boy.  He is always moving, whether that be rolling around, kicking his feet, clapping/slapping or just wiggling.  He is a good natured baby.  He hardly ever complains and is often chirping loudly and happily.  He has the biggest, goofiest smile.  It shows off his eight gappy teeth.  We love it, and we love him!   Here is what Archer is all about at ten months of age.

he has learned: to sit, to eat table foods, and a little stranger danger
he likes: eating, especially table food, rolling around on the floor, toys, baths, peek a boo, lullabies, his siblings
he dislikes: being held or contained for a long period of time
things he does/about him that makes us laugh: funny faces, very loud screams (both happy and sad), love pats he gives Mom and Dad, giggles and huge goofy smiles

Avonlea is still little miss diva.  This past month she has decided she doesn't want to sleep in the middle of the night.  Almost every night she wakes and either plays (loudly) or cries for a couple hours.  Initially I thought she was doing this because she was teething but now I think it is just habit.  Of course she is happy and content if held during this time, as she always is if she is held.  She is very dramatic, whether she is sad, mad or happy.  The happy times make up for the rest of the drama for sure.  She is a charmer.  We always get comments from others on how beautiful her eyes and smile are.  And we are suckers for them as well.  Here is what Avonlea is about at ten months of age.

she has learned: to sit, and to army crawl a little
she likes: being held, getting attention, eating table food, baths, peek a boo, lullabies, her brothers, and she has always loved Mom but is now becoming a bit of a Daddy's girl
she dislikes: being alone, being put down
things she does/about her that makes us laugh: cute baby babbles, she doesn't just cuddle up to you but smothers you, sweet giggles and smiles

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