Thursday, May 30, 2013

Ten Month Photo Shoot

The babies were not happy during this photo shoot.  However, the photographer was pretty gifted and took a decent amount of shots during the few moments here and there when they weren't fussing.  I decided to include a couple of the photos of the twins crying this time along with the happy ones.  Lately Archer has been squishing up his face in a funny manner when he cries.  And I just have to document everything!  Don't want to ever forget these sweet baby moments.




Lynette said...

Again, I have to comment on how absolutely adorable Avonlea and Archer are! I can't help but tell you that every time you post pictures of them. :) Your children are just beautiful -- all of them. :)

Sariah Nichols said...

I love the silly faces at the end of each babe!!