Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Preschool Party and Wreck It Ralph Party

Palmer made this poster for his birthday celebration at preschool.  He colored it and wrote all the words himself, pretty cute.  For his birthday treat he brought hostess cupcakes to share with the class.

Palmer had his fifth birthday party on May 4th.  He wanted a Wreck It Ralph themed birthday.  We invited both sides of the family, his preschool class, the Edwards and a few neighbors to join us.  We played pin the medal on Ralph.  Then all the kids made Sugar Rush race cars out of graham crackers, icing and candy.  Aunt Andrea made an awesome Wreck It Ralph cake (carrot cake as per Palmer's request) that we served with ice cream.  Palmer opened his gifts and he and the rest of the kids ended the party by watching Wreck It Ralph.  It was a lot of fun and Palmer had a great time.

The day of the party just happened to be Grandpa Kelly's birthday.  He kindly spent his birthday driving here from Ely, Nevada.  So we made sure to commemorate his special day too and got him a cake and sang to him as well.

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