Thursday, May 23, 2013

Palmer at Five Years

Palmer turned five on May 2.  In some ways I can't believe he is getting so big.  The time just flew by.  In other ways I can't believe he is only five.  He has had to grow up quickly from a very young age.  I don't know many five year olds who are not only used to but happy to help take care of three younger sibling, two being babies.  Greg and I were reflecting on how Palmer was sent to our family first because for a reason.  He is a wonderful big brother!  He had to grow up fast with so many children coming into our family shortly after him, and he was definitely up to that challenge. 

Palmer is still very active but he has learned to sit still when needed.  He is a very smart boy.  He has learned to how to write all numbers, how to add, how to write his name and write all the letters in the alphabet this year.  He makes friends easily and is never shy when meeting people.  He likes to talk, a lot.  He loves art and is very artistic.  We are so very grateful to have our fun, friendly, outgoing, active, artistic, animated, helpful, smart, and silly boy around.  I asked him a few questions today and here are his answers.

What is your favorite color?  -Green
What is your favorite food?  -Ramen and blueberries
Where is your favorite place to go?  -Jungle Jims
What is your favorite T.V. show?  -My Big, Big Friend
What is your favorite movie?  -Wreck It Ralph
What is your favorite book?  -Llama Llama Red Pajama
What is your favorite thing to do?  -Scrapbook and play the Wii U
Who is your best friend?  -preschool friends and Chloe

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