Monday, May 20, 2013

Home Improvement and Upcoming Movement

We put our house up for sale a few weeks ago.  It's been a very exhausting and busy experience so far.  We spend the month before listing doing some home repairs.

We repainted our orange kitchen to a more neutral color and painted our kitchen cabinets.

We recarpeted our three bedrooms upstairs.

We painted the exterior of our home and treated our deck.

We replaced windows and our front door.

We added a second very basic kitchen downstairs (to make our downstairs fully handicapped accessible and a mother in law apartment).

We also planted a flower bed in front of the house, changed out light fixtures, did a lot of touch up painting, added a door to our crawlspace under the stairs, rebuilt a garage wall, had our roof repaired - twice, many other small repairs, weeded, and dejunked.  It was a lot of work to say the least.  But I think it has definitely been worth the effort.  The house has never looked better.

Now that it is on the market, life is still quite busy.  In the last couple weeks, we have been showing the house almost daily.  I have turned into a cleaning maniac.  I pretty much spend my entire day cleaning, doing laundry and, as always, feeding babies.  It's been quite tiring.

We are thinking we will be building our next home.  That is the current plan.  We love our neighborhood and don't want to move too far.  In fact, we love the neighborhood so much that putting the house up for sale was a very hard decision.  I get close to tears every time I think about moving out of our ward.

I've also become emotional about leaving the house itself.  The layout doesn't work great for our family, which is why we want to sell.  Yet, it has been a wonderful house for us!  I have lived here since I was nine, excluding only the year after Greg and I married.  I grew up in this house.  I made long lasting friendships in this house.  I met my husband at this house and fell in love with him here.  I cared for and said goodbye to my mom in this house.  I brought home four beautiful babies to the house.  It has been home, and it will be very difficult to say goodbye.


Lynette said...

I love the upstairs kitchen cabinets! I didn't know that your house was your childhood home...That would be hard to let go...I hope it sells and I hope you are able to stay in your ward!

Karlyn said...

I know that this is a very hard move. When Dave and I decided to sell all our houses and build our retirement home it was very exhausting to repair and fix 4 homes to sell. We also had to move 2 times in 2 months, (because our home that we were living in sold before our new home was finished and we had to put 70% of our furnishings in storage and rent until the new new home was completed. That was VERY hard on both of us. And on top of of this I lost my beloved golden retriever. I had some very rough times for about a year and worked my butt off painting, repairing and boxing things up in all those houses. NOT A GOOD YEAR - so glad it is behind us now. Good luck with your move.