Friday, May 10, 2013

Hernia Repair and Meatotomy

On April 10 Brody had outpatient surgery at Primary Children's Hospital.  We've suspected for a few months that he had a hernia, and after a lot of frustrating doctor appointments (his pediatrician is on leave and it was like pulling teeth trying to get another pediatrician to write a referral to the Urologist... then the Urologist and his two colleagues saw no sign of the hernia during the visit, so I later took of picture of the hernia when it was very apparent and sent it in) that turned out to be true.  He has also had trouble aiming into the toilet when using the restroom, so the Urologist also suggested a meatotomy along with the hernia repair.

Before the operation went very well.  Primary Children's makes sure to provide lots of toys and activities to keep children happy.  Brody played with tools in the first waiting room before we registered.  As I was registering I noticed they had his hernia recorded as being on the left side, when it was really on the right.  I made sure to inform every doctor and nurse from there on out so that they weren't cutting him unnecessarily.  In the pre-op waiting room he had a great time playing in a toy car, coloring a surgery buddy and picked out cotton candy to be the scent of his gas mask.  He walked back to the operating room with the nurse happily while I had to stay behind.  He was a very brave boy.  I tried my hardest to follow his example and didn't cry until after he turned the corner with the nurse.

The surgeon reported that the operation went well and everything was repaired easily.

Post-op was rough.  Really rough.  He awoke in intense pain.  The nurse gave him dose after dose of pain medication, each time having to wait for permission from his doctor while Brody cried in pain.  After the fourth dose of pain killers, Brody felt comfortable, but was having trouble breathing from all the medication.  Once they stabilized his breathing we were moved to another room where he ate some treats and began acting more like himself.  Just as we were being discharged, the pain came on again and he had to stay for another hour while they monitored him with the addition pain medication.  It was a very long, emotional day.

Brody was in a lot of pain the first day.  He woke up feeling well the second day.  And by day three he was back to playing normally.  It's so amazing how quickly children heal!

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Lynette said...

Oh wow...It's so, so, so hard to see children in pain. That whole ordeal sounds rough. But you're right -- children bounce back so quickly, which certainly is a tremendous blessing (for Mom!). Glad he's doing well!