Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Digi Scrapbooking

I've had my first dabble into the world of digital scrapbooking.  I love paper scrapbooking, and have no plans to switch over.  I had just always wanted to skills of digital crafting, mostly for projects other than scrapbooking.  Greg bought me Memory Mixer for Christmas and it has proven to be very user friendly and easy to navigate as my digi scrapbooking friend said it would be.  I love making invitations digitally!  It is so much quicker as I only spend the time putting together the card once, instead of mass producing and it is so much cheaper.  I printed invitations to a baby shower I threw and Palmer's birthday party for only a couple dollars.  You can't beat that.  I also made posters for a Relief Society activity, which worked well for the same reasons.  I look forward to refining my skills and producing even cuter, craftier projects in the future, but for my first attempt and only using freebies I found online, I thought these turned out pretty good.

These are the items I put together for a Go Baby Go (cars/trucks/planes) baby shower:

Printables I framed as decor

I also printed place cards for the menu items - "red light" (meatball subs), "vroom veggies" (vegetable tray), "speed bumps" (Ruffles potato chips), "spare tires" (chocolate covered cake donuts), "sweet ride" (car, train and plane shaped sugar cookies) and "fuel up" (punch). 

These are the items I put together for Palmer's Wreck It Ralph birthday party:

Large printed poster for a pin the medal on Ralph game

And last but not least I put this poster together for our past Relief Society Service Auction, themed "Service Hours bring May Flowers."

It's been fun trying something new and I'm sure I'll continue to use digital scrapbooking for invitations, posters and party decor.  It's also been very convenient to have around during last couple months since some of my scrapbooking tools are already boxed up and ready to move.  I have missed having my Silhouette available and ready to cut whatever I desire, but digital scrapbooking has proven to be a good stand in.

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