Wednesday, April 17, 2013

More Toddler Talk

I took the boys with me to my last eye appointment.  The doctor and I stepped into an adjacent room for a moment and we returned to find two giggling little boys.  Palmer quickly explained the giggling with excitement saying, "Mom!  We both tooted in here!"  And a few moments later during the eye exam the boys serenaded us with a rendition of "Old McDonald had a Farm."  Kids sure do make life more fun.  Here are a few other gems they've said lately.

Whenever I wear my glasses he informs me, "You look like a Grandma today."

A few days after Easter Palmer asked me if I knew that Jesus came back to earth.  I replied that I did know that.  He then asked if I wanted to see Jesus again.  I said I did.  Then he informed me, "Jesus is on Earth.  If you want to see him we need to look everywhere for him."  I then realized during our Easter lessons it was never explained that after Jesus came back alive and visited Earth that he returned to Heaven.  After some explainging, I think he understands the concept better now.

During a prayer Palmer says, "We are thankful that I didn't say, 'I don't like this dinner,' when I came to eat." (I said an adamant amen to that prayer!)

While eating yogurt for breakfast, "Yogurt is good for my body.  My heart is laughing!"

When I told him to hurry into the van he said, "Wait!  I'm looking at the world all around."  Then he proceeded to look all around him, slowly taking in the scene.

Calls the doorbell a "dingbell," another idiom he took up from Palmer.  It's funny how he mispronounces the same things Palmer does.  They also both call volcanos "jalepenoes."

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Lera said...

This is so adorable! I can't believe I haven't seen this one yet. I love your boys.