Saturday, March 30, 2013

Strawberries and Family Ties

Avonlea has a strawberry hemangioma like Brody.  I asked our pediatrician if they are hereditary since half of our children have one.  She told me they are not.  It's just a coincidence.

No one notices what's left of Brody's hemangioma anymore since his hair covers it.  The only time it's slightly visible is right after a haircut.  But he definitely got a lot of attention over it as a baby.

Avonlea's hemangioma is quite small and flat against her skin. and it won't get any bigger from here on out.  It's located on a part of her head that is often covered with a headband, so hers hardly  ever gets noticed.  When people do spot it they usually ask if it's a mole.

It's kind of a bit funny to me that Brody and Avonlea had this in common.  I've noticed she tends to take after Brody with a lot of things and Archer seems to take after Palmer.  Avonlea and Brody are always cold, like to be coddled and snuggled, seem to get sick more often and more intensely, and both have tempers.  Palmer and Archer are usually warm, like their space, are very healthy and able bodied, are very active, and have more mellow personalities.  Maybe it's a good thing that our twins aren't the ones who are so much alike.  They are going to have to be together a lot, and everyone knows, opposites attract.

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Rie Pie said...

I still refer to these as cuteness meters, they are to the max of cuteness for both kids! xo.