Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Eight Month Old Twins

The babies are at such a fun age right now.  They are so playful!  They love to hold and examine and play with any item the can get a hold of.  Often that items ends up being a body part of their twin; which is always cute to watch.  They continue to grow well and are the biggest babies in our ward for their age, even with the other babies being single births.  They are long like all our kids have been but they also have lots of cute soft rolls, so they are just big all over.  This is what is going on with the twins at eight months of age.

Archer continues to grow like a weed.  He is such a big, solid baby.  We always joke he is going to be our football player.  He has been teething a lot lately and just had his fifth tooth break through.  He is still very pleasant natured and mellow unless he is talking and then he is loud.  Here is what is up with Archer at eight months old.
He has learned: to sit for a few seconds
He likes: his bouncer, eating, toys, crinkling paper, his siblings, being sang to, and his older brothers
playing with him
He dislikes: pacifiers
Things he does/about him that make us laugh: he bounces in his bouncer with his whole body - head bobbing, feet pumping, and even his chest and neck convulsing, loud squeals, his spacey Goofy looking front teeth, gives love pats when he's happy, giggles, and big toothy smiles
Avonlea is charms wherever she goes.  She is always good for big smiles when given attention from just about anyone.  She is also a little needy though.  She cries when I step out of sight or when she sees an extended family member she knows will pick her up if she throws a fit.  While Archer is mellow, she is dramatic.  She get really happy, really excited, really sad and really hurt.  Her emotions are intense and change quickly and often.  She makes life a lot of fun.  She got her first tooth earlier this month and still only has the one, but is drooling a lot.  So we think another is soon to follow.  Here is what is up with Avonlea at eight months old.
She has learned: to sit for a few seconds, a little longer than Archer
She likes: attention, being held, toys, crinkling paper, her brothers, watching television, being talked to, and playing on the floor
She dislikes: being alone
Things she does/about her that make us laugh: She uses her whole body to smile - her cheeks jut out, her eyes light up, she exhales happily, and her whole body shakes, she snorts often, she will take Archer's toys when she can, giggles and easy smiles


Lynette said...

Your babies are getting big!! Golly, they are cute!

Rie Pie said...

I love these babies!!! They really are growing to be such adorable little lambs. I'm loving this grabby, smiley, baby-gibberish stage.