Monday, February 25, 2013

Seven Month Old Twins

It's been a crazy month with the twins with them having RSV.  But at the end of this month I am finding two very healthy and happy babies which is a big relief.  They are growing so fast and getting so big, especially Archer.  They are bigger than other babies in our ward who were born before them and who are not twins, go figure.


Archer is a tank.  He seems to get bigger and more solid each week.  He is eating quite a bit more than Avonlea right now.  He is such a pleseant natured little boy.  The only times he really gets cranky is when he is hungry.  He was acting a bit fussy for a couple days this week after his feedings.  It took me a day, but I realized it was because he was hungry.  He's doubled and often tripled the amount of food he had been eating at each feeding!  He squeals so loudly.  In fact, he is doing so as I type right now.  He is such a joy to have around.  We all just adore him.  This is what is going on with Archer at seven months old.

He has learned: to roll over

He likes: bouncing in his bouncer, eating, playing with his brothers, baths, squealing, lullabies and baby toys

He dislikes: peas, being on his belly and wet diapers

Things he does/about him that makes us laugh: he will try to bounce himself even when he's not in his bouncer (this makes it very difficult to spoon feed him in the Bumbo seat), his loud high pitched squeals


Avonlea had a really hard month being so sick she had to be hospitalized.  She was a bit tramatized by the experience and was scared of strangers afterwards, but got over that after a few days.  She is now back to her healthy, happy, smiley self.  She is so much more dramatic than Archer; it's almost comical.  Often she screams if I put her down or step out of her eye sight.  She loves to be loved.  When she is being held, she is as sweet and as happy as can be.  She has the best smile!  It spreads across her whole face and often throughout her entire body with a little shake.  She is such a sweetheart and we are all in love with her!  This is what is going on with Avonlea at 7 months old.

She has learned: to almost sit up, she can lift up her upper body from a reclining position conciderably

She likes: being held, playing with her brothers, getting attention, baths, baby toys and her binkie

She dislikes: being alone and taking medicine

Things she does/about her that makes us laugh: she has quite the flair for the dramatic, chipmunk cheeks, and she will cuddle up to you as close as possible

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