Tuesday, February 26, 2013

"Dino"mite Outing

A few nights into Avonlea's hospital stay, the boys and I were really missing each other.  So Greg and I arranged for Aunt Emily to come sit with Avonlea while the rest of us went out for a family outing.  We went to City Creek mall.  We looked at all the fountains, ate in the food court and played around in the dinosaur play area.  It was a great night, lots of fun and a good stress reliever.  And as a funny side note, I realized on this outing that both Palmer and Brody call volcanoes "jalapenos."  I corrected them when they asked me to take a picture of the "jalapeno" on the wall of the play area.  They both insisted that I was wrong in calling the flaming mountain a volcano, and I easily let it go.  They are too cute and this stage of mispronunciation is almost over.  I want to enjoy their fun idioms as long as possible.

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