Monday, February 25, 2013

Cloud Watching

Palmer and Brody are very close in age, toddler brothers, so it is natural that they would spend a good part of their day fighting with each other.  The squabbles usually start innocently enough with playful teasing or roughhousing and usually end with both children hurt and upset.  It can be very frustrating as a parent dealing with what seems to be constant sibling quarrels.

So I try to latch on to those sweet moments of brotherly love whenever they present themselves.  Like a few days ago as we were driving home from running errands and I heard Brody's little voice from the back of the van say, "That cloud looks like a sheep."  And hear Palmer respond positively and with wonder, "Oh!  It does!"  They continued happily cloud watching for the remainder of the drive spotting the following shapes: a castle, a house, a bunny, an alligator, a pig (which Palmer mentioned did not have a curly tail, but had a curly mouth), a tree, and my personal favorite, an alligator with a pacifier in it's mouth.

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