Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Six Month Photo Shoot

The babies had their six month photo shoot this week. Looking back through their pictures, I realized we have never gotten a professional picture of Archer smiling. Which is odd, because anyone who knows him, knows he smiles a lot. So I went in the the studio with the goal to get a picture of Archer smiling, and made sure to tell the photographer what we were looking for. The babies were super happy until we put them in front of the camera. After a lot of work, we were able to get one picture of Archer smiling. And honestly, it's not my favorite. He has a really big open mouth smile that shows off his two bottom teeth. And the smile we caught on camera did not look like his real smile. Looks like getting his real smile will be next month's goal. Avonlea smiled in a few shots. The second picture here, where she is not smiling, is one I actually really like, because it shows her chubby chipmunk cheeks well. The cute hat she is wearing is from my friend Celeste. She made Avonlea a couple of these little caps.  I get compliments on them whenever baby girl is sporting one. The outfits in these pictures were Christmas gifts from Grandma Nancy.


Lynette said...

What I think is so fun is that you can totally tell who is who. :) Avonlea has a very "girly" face -- long eyelashes and a sweet expression -- and Archer has a thoughtful, boyish face. They are so cute -- smiling or not. :)

Tiffany said...

Teeth already?!? I'm not ready for that yet... What cute babies you have!!