Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas Eve & Christmas Day

We had a wonderful Christmas this year!  We spent Christmas Eve with both sides of the family.  We first had a traditional Christmas dinner (ham, cheesy potato casserole, salad and rolls) at Grandma Nancy's house.  I supplied one of my favorite new recipes for dessert, apple crumble pie.  We had a quick family home evening lesson by Grandma about the nativity, and then had gift exchange.

We then went straight to the Riding home for appetizers.  We provided bacon wrapped jalapeno poppers and a vegetable tray.  We also had a gift exchange between the family members.

Christmas morning was great.  It's so much fun having little kids during the holidays.  Their excitement is contagious!  Santa was extra good to us this year.  It's by far been our biggest haul to date (thank you Black Friday and Freebies2deals).  When Palmer awoke to see what was under the tree, he came running into our room and said, "Mom!  Guess what!?  Santa brought me a surf board!  I didn't want it, but that's what he brought!"  And once I rolled out of bed and made my way upstairs, I found one happy four year old posed atop his sled cowabunga style.  The boys got scooters for their big gift.  Greg and I exchanged a few gifts; I received an awesome cupcake tote, boots, Big Boogle and some scrapbooking softwear, among other things, and Greg received some TV series on DVD, a couple dress shoes, restaurant gift cards, and a few other small gifts.  Santa made sure to include a few gifts for Auntie Rie too, and Sariah gifted Greg and I a bunch of giftcards for free date nights.  We had Sariah and Grandma Nancy join us for our traditional steak and kidney pie that evening.

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