Sunday, December 16, 2012

Trees, Lights, Santa and Elves

We have been busy taking in as much Christmas splendor this holiday season as possible.

We first attended The Festival of Trees.  Some of our favorite trees this year include: an ice cream tree, a Lego tree, many Mickey Mouse trees, a hot wheel tree, and a tree made of chewed up bubble gum.

The boys enjoyed playing in Kids Corner.

And we made our final stop at the gingerbread houses.

We went downtown early this year to see the Temple Square lights to avoid the colder weather.  Apparently everyone else had the same idea, because it was incredibly crowded!  We took Trax there and back, which I think was the boys favorite part of the trip.

We went on A Walk with Santa, hosted by the local fitness center.  The boys told Santa what they wanted for Christmas.   Palmer told him two scooters and two big coloring books.  Santa asked him why two, and he informed Mr. Kringle that one was for him and one was for Brody.  And Brody asked Santa for, "a ooter" (scooter).  The babies spent some time with Santa.  They weren't too impressed.  And then the boys went on a candy cane hunt and made out with a whole lot of sugar.

We made a quick trip to Gardener Village to see the Elves on display.  By the time we got there it was snowing pretty heavily and it was very cold.  We had the babies with us, so we only stayed for 15-20 minutes.  Even though it was quick, Palmer and Brody were still very happy and excited about the outing.

Activities we've also done that are not pictured include: decorating the tree, bringing gently worn winter hats to Culvers for The Salvation Army in exchange for frozen custard shakes, visiting Nana's tomb during the Valley View Luminary and stopping by the dairy's store for scones and chocolate milk and decorating, as well as very soon after eating, a gingerbread house.

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