Friday, November 16, 2012

Happy Halloween

We indeed did have a happy Halloween in 2012.  The boys went to a neighbor friend's Halloween party.  We all attended our ward's Truck or Treat, and we completed the celebration by good ol' door to door trick or treating around Grandma Nancy's house in Daybreak.

The boys costumes were generously provided by Pappy and Grandma Betty this year.  They got a lot of use out of them throughout the month too.  Palmer wore his knight in shining armor costume to his Preschool Party, to a friend's party, to the ward party, on a free cupcake outing to Sweet Tooth Fairy and trick or treating.  Brody wore his fireman costume to his fireman birthday party, to a friend's party, to the ward party, to Sweet Tooth Fairy and trick or treating.

The babies' costumes were simple this year.  I am all about babies being comfortable during Halloween festivities.  I've done the big bulky and hot costumes on babies in the past and am not a fan.  They each wore a glow in the dark skeleton sleeper (boy and girl versions).  They are such cute babies as it is, but I personally think anytime they are wearing matching clothing they look even cuter!

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