Thursday, October 25, 2012

Toddler Talk


After running for a few minutes, "That made my breathing tired."

Pappy and Grandma Betty bought the boys their Halloween costumes.  They gave Brody a fireman costume and Palmer a knight costume.  Palmer really liked his costume but whenever someone asked what he was going to be for Halloween he would reply, "I'm going to be a knight but I want to be a fireman."  When I asked Palmer if he wanted me to exchange his costume for a fireman one he would cry and say he wanted the knight costume.  When I confirmed that he wanted to be a knight for Halloween, he would cry and say he wanted to be a fireman.  It was very frustrating, and the fight lasted for a couple days, with Palmer going back and forth.  Finally after quizzing Palmer for a while, Greg discovered that Palmer believed that what you dressed up for Halloween was what you wanted to be when you grow up.  Both boys want to be firemen when they grow up.  We explained to Palmer that wasn't the case.  He was very happy about his costume after that.  Now when someone asks him what he is going to be for Halloween he says, "a Knight, but when I grow up I will be a fireman."

Greg and I always joke that Palmer instantly metabolizes food.  We say this because after eating a bite of toast, he will often run around the kitchen table a couple times before eating another bite.  We were enjoying ice cream at Leatherbys a few weeks ago.  After a couple bites Palmer was running around the restaurant on a very apparent sugar high.  Our waiter as well as other patrons were getting a good laugh over his exuberance.  After several minutes of exhibiting a mass amount of energy, Palmer slumped in his chair and with exhaustion and exclaimed, "I'm so tired!"  We all cracked up at his sudden sugar high and sudden crash.

He had the part "I can choose the right by being good," in our ward Primary program.  He memorized his part and said it loudly and clearly into the microphone without any help.  He also sang every song and did the gestures when appropriate.  I think that's pretty impressive for a Sunbeam.

When the babies cry he often makes up a song to cheer them up.  In the song he almost always sings the following lines.  "Baby Archer/Avonlea it's okay."  "We love you Baby Archer/Avonlea."


I offered him one of his teddy bears at night time and he cried out, "I want happy teddy not sad teddy." Then I looked at his two teddy bears' faces to see that one teddy's stitched mouth is turned down, and the other teddy's stitched mouth is turned up in a smile.

Greg: "How did you get so handsome?"  Brody: "Because I go to church today."

Brody is fully potty trained and can go to the bathroom by himself.  However, he likes someone to accompany him to help him.  One day when he asked me to help him I was otherwise occupied taking care of a baby.  I told him if he wanted my help, he would have to wait.  He stood there fore a few moments and then said, "Fine...  I go pee by myself.  I go on small potty (his training potty).  Pee will go everywhere!"

Brody told Auntie Rie, "I talk a lot. I talk about things that make me happy, like Mommy and Auntie Rie and Grandma Betty.

He calls underwear "ungerwear."

He calls Christmas "Missmiss."

Brody told me he wanted sparkle toast for breakfast one morning. I assumed that meant cinnamon and sugar toast, so that's what I made him. He then got out the sprinkles and put them on his toast and informed me that was "sparkle toast."

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Rie Pie said...

Palmer is such a smart kid. I really love watching him grow into such a witty, and sweet, kid.
Brody is so much fun. I can't believe how big he is getting, and how determined. :)
I am so grateful for your kids. I love them all so much.