Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Fireman Birthday Party

We celebrated Brody's birthday on a Monday night instead of his actual birthday the previous Saturday because of a conflict with his cousin Davis's birthday party.  The party was fireman themed, chosen by Brody.  He was able to wear his fireman Halloween costume and we gave out fireman hats to all the kids who attended.  We had a fire scavenger hunt.  We cut out images of fire and put them all over the house.  I told the kids the house was on fire and it was their job as firemen to put the fires out.  The kid who collected the most fire was the winner and received a box of Hot Tamales.  Braedon won by a landslide, but all the kids had fun.  We had a pinata and everyone scored plenty of candy.  We ate cake and ice cream and everyone got a "fire extinguisher" a.k.a. water bottle.  Brody opened his presents.  He received two firetrucks, to his delight.  Greg and I bought him a big boy bike and a helmet.

I also want to share a funny story about Brody's firetrucks.  We only let Brody open one of the firetrucks (they were exactly the same make and model) and had plans to exchange the second one for a different toy.  As we were packing up for the store Brody informed me he wanted to open his new firetruck.  I told him he already had that firetruck.  He said he wanted to keep the new one and give the old one (mind you it was only about 12 hours old at this point) to the D.I.  I don't know if him wanting to give the old firetruck to the D.I. stems from being spoiled and always wanting new or the fact that I am obsessive about dejunking the house and make D.I. runs a few times a month.  Either way, I convinced him to return the second truck and he picked out a dump truck with a power tool that enables you to take the truck apart and built it.  Anyone who knows Brody know such a present is right up his alley - he loves trucks and loves tools and fixing things.  So he is pretty happy little guy with his new firetruck and dump truck.  Unfortunately, he is too nervous to ride that nice new bike we gave him.  Maybe next Spring...

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Rie Pie said...

This was a fun party and the kids were adorable. Good job Lera!!!