Tuesday, October 30, 2012

To Do

This week I have a whole lot to get done and as always, not much time to do it in.  Which coincidentally, catching up on the blog is one of those to dos.  However, that will have to wait for another day.  I do just want to quickly jot down what happened yesterday after I made my super long to do list for the week.  Palmer watched me write everything down, while asking me what each line read.  He then pulled out his own notebook to make his own to do list.  He wrote some random letters several lines long, and then told me what they said. 

Palmer's to do list:
  • Color
  • Watch a show
  • Cut my nails 
  • Go somewhere
  • Bedtime
The "cut my nails" was because earlier after catching a glimpse at his long fingernails, I had told him we needed to cut them.  And the "go somewhere" was because when he asked his daily question of "Where are we going today?" I had replied that I didn't know yet.

Like a champ, Palmer completed every item on his to do list.  Sadly, I did not.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Three Month Old Twins

We all just adore Archer and Avonlea.  They are so sweet and so fun.  They have grown a lot in the past month.  Last week I started dressing them in their 3-6 month clothes.  They didn't need the bigger size based on width, but they did certainly based on their height.  They are long babies, just like the rest of the Hess clan has been.  They are also very happy babies and smile huge smiles all the time.  They love to have attention and are usually pretty patient to get it.  This probably has become a trained necessity since we have four kids in the house age four and under, so their individual playtime can be limited at times.  They have slept through the night three times in the last week.  It has been wonderful!  This is what is going on with the twins at three months of age.

Archer has become our big eater, which is a first for him.  Since the twins were born Avonlea has always been able to out eat Archer.  Now he is eating more than her just about every feeding.  At night he stocks up and takes six - eight ounces before going to bed.  Through the day he eats every four ounces every three hours.  He is still as happy as can be.  He smiles so easily and laughs more and more each day.  He is often content to hang out in his Boppy after his feeding until naptime.

He has learned: to coo, to laugh and to sleep through the night

He likes: being talked to, looking around, eating, being sang to, and being put to bed.

He dislikes: belly time, sitting up for a long period of time, his binkie

Things he does/about him that make us laugh: when he smiles really big and emphatically he shakes his head back and forth

Avonlea has always been a content baby, but the last month I believe she has proven to be a happy baby.  She is now smiling really big, really easily.  She smiles best for mom.  Others have to work at it a little more to get one of her stellar smiles.  She gets prettier by the day.  People are always commenting on her big beautiful eyelashes.  A friend commented that they are so big that they look like butterfly wings.  She gets them from her Auntie Rie.  Avonlea still loves to cuddle and be held.  She is more sensitive than her brother and scares more easily.

She has learned: to coo, to laugh and to sleep through the night.

She likes: being talked to, the swing, being cuddled, sitting up, belly time, mommy best, mobiles, and baths.

She dislikes: being put to bed, being alone

Things she does/about her that make us laugh: she either looks happy and is smiling or looks completely devastated - there is usually no in between

Toddler Talk


After running for a few minutes, "That made my breathing tired."

Pappy and Grandma Betty bought the boys their Halloween costumes.  They gave Brody a fireman costume and Palmer a knight costume.  Palmer really liked his costume but whenever someone asked what he was going to be for Halloween he would reply, "I'm going to be a knight but I want to be a fireman."  When I asked Palmer if he wanted me to exchange his costume for a fireman one he would cry and say he wanted the knight costume.  When I confirmed that he wanted to be a knight for Halloween, he would cry and say he wanted to be a fireman.  It was very frustrating, and the fight lasted for a couple days, with Palmer going back and forth.  Finally after quizzing Palmer for a while, Greg discovered that Palmer believed that what you dressed up for Halloween was what you wanted to be when you grow up.  Both boys want to be firemen when they grow up.  We explained to Palmer that wasn't the case.  He was very happy about his costume after that.  Now when someone asks him what he is going to be for Halloween he says, "a Knight, but when I grow up I will be a fireman."

Greg and I always joke that Palmer instantly metabolizes food.  We say this because after eating a bite of toast, he will often run around the kitchen table a couple times before eating another bite.  We were enjoying ice cream at Leatherbys a few weeks ago.  After a couple bites Palmer was running around the restaurant on a very apparent sugar high.  Our waiter as well as other patrons were getting a good laugh over his exuberance.  After several minutes of exhibiting a mass amount of energy, Palmer slumped in his chair and with exhaustion and exclaimed, "I'm so tired!"  We all cracked up at his sudden sugar high and sudden crash.

He had the part "I can choose the right by being good," in our ward Primary program.  He memorized his part and said it loudly and clearly into the microphone without any help.  He also sang every song and did the gestures when appropriate.  I think that's pretty impressive for a Sunbeam.

When the babies cry he often makes up a song to cheer them up.  In the song he almost always sings the following lines.  "Baby Archer/Avonlea it's okay."  "We love you Baby Archer/Avonlea."


I offered him one of his teddy bears at night time and he cried out, "I want happy teddy not sad teddy." Then I looked at his two teddy bears' faces to see that one teddy's stitched mouth is turned down, and the other teddy's stitched mouth is turned up in a smile.

Greg: "How did you get so handsome?"  Brody: "Because I go to church today."

Brody is fully potty trained and can go to the bathroom by himself.  However, he likes someone to accompany him to help him.  One day when he asked me to help him I was otherwise occupied taking care of a baby.  I told him if he wanted my help, he would have to wait.  He stood there fore a few moments and then said, "Fine...  I go pee by myself.  I go on small potty (his training potty).  Pee will go everywhere!"

Brody told Auntie Rie, "I talk a lot. I talk about things that make me happy, like Mommy and Auntie Rie and Grandma Betty.

He calls underwear "ungerwear."

He calls Christmas "Missmiss."

Brody told me he wanted sparkle toast for breakfast one morning. I assumed that meant cinnamon and sugar toast, so that's what I made him. He then got out the sprinkles and put them on his toast and informed me that was "sparkle toast."

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Who is Who?


It cracks me up how often I get asked if our twins are identical, even when people know that they are a boy and a girl.  However, when they are dressed down to only a diaper, even I have mixed them up for a moment or two on occassion.  Can you tell who is who?  Comment with your guesses.  Kudos to those of you who get them right.

Fireman Birthday Party

We celebrated Brody's birthday on a Monday night instead of his actual birthday the previous Saturday because of a conflict with his cousin Davis's birthday party.  The party was fireman themed, chosen by Brody.  He was able to wear his fireman Halloween costume and we gave out fireman hats to all the kids who attended.  We had a fire scavenger hunt.  We cut out images of fire and put them all over the house.  I told the kids the house was on fire and it was their job as firemen to put the fires out.  The kid who collected the most fire was the winner and received a box of Hot Tamales.  Braedon won by a landslide, but all the kids had fun.  We had a pinata and everyone scored plenty of candy.  We ate cake and ice cream and everyone got a "fire extinguisher" a.k.a. water bottle.  Brody opened his presents.  He received two firetrucks, to his delight.  Greg and I bought him a big boy bike and a helmet.

I also want to share a funny story about Brody's firetrucks.  We only let Brody open one of the firetrucks (they were exactly the same make and model) and had plans to exchange the second one for a different toy.  As we were packing up for the store Brody informed me he wanted to open his new firetruck.  I told him he already had that firetruck.  He said he wanted to keep the new one and give the old one (mind you it was only about 12 hours old at this point) to the D.I.  I don't know if him wanting to give the old firetruck to the D.I. stems from being spoiled and always wanting new or the fact that I am obsessive about dejunking the house and make D.I. runs a few times a month.  Either way, I convinced him to return the second truck and he picked out a dump truck with a power tool that enables you to take the truck apart and built it.  Anyone who knows Brody know such a present is right up his alley - he loves trucks and loves tools and fixing things.  So he is pretty happy little guy with his new firetruck and dump truck.  Unfortunately, he is too nervous to ride that nice new bike we gave him.  Maybe next Spring...

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Witches at Gardener Village

We took the kids nice and early in this month this Halloween season to Gardener Village to see the witches.  The boys always have so much fun seeing the witches.  Brody's favorite witch was the firefighter (he has a great love for firefighters and firetrucks).  He watched her spraying her water hose for a good ten minutes.  Palmer gave his standard reply when I asked which was his favorite and said, "All of them."

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Thee Year Photo Shoot

Brody had his pictures taken at JC Penney for his third birthday.  He was a champ at the photo shoot and posed and smile well.  The whole shoot was done in a matter of minutes since he did so well.  He is very good a cheesing it for the camera.

Three Years Old

Brody turned three years old on October 6.  He is getting to be such a big boy.  He still sounds a lot like a baby when he talks because of pronunciation, but his vocabulary is huge.  He makes us laugh several times a day with the funny things he says.  This morning when we asked him how old he was now he replied, "I three!  I can spin really fast now," and then he proceeded to spin around in a circle as quickly as possible.  He is a very cautious child in terms of physical play.  Socially, he is very friendly and doesn't get shy or hide.  However, he does usually prefer to hang around or near Mom and Dad instead of playing with a bunch of kids.  He still is good at throwing a tantrum, and is very stubborn 99% of the time.  The terrible twos continue strong even though he is now three.  He is showing improvement in how he expresses his anger and will lash out at inadament objects instead of people now.  And he does also show his sweet side often.  He is a wonderful brother to the babies, and is usually very good to share with his big brother.  We just love our sweet, determined, imaginative, smart three year old.  This is what is going on with Brody at three years of age.

He has learned: to go on the potty, to count to 20, his ABCs, to identify all colors and shapes, to talk on the phone, to sing many songs (including his favorites: Once There was a Snowman, The Itsy Bitsy Spider, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and ABCs) and to use a mouse and play games on the computer.

He likes: firefighters and firetrucks, Mickey Mouse, tools and fixing things, swimming, candy, goldfish, fruit snacks, Kool Aid, juice, macaroni and cheese, blankets, buckets/bags/totes, cuddling and hugs after naptime, Chuck E. Cheese, animals, nursery, the daycare at the gym, parks and play places.

He dislikes: anything slightly uncomfortable - like shirt tags or cold water or slightly hot food, Palmer egging him on, and potatoes

Things he does that makes us laugh: pauses between each syllable and changes inflection drastically when talking, tilts his head and gets right in your face when asking a question, runs funny (very emphatically yet a bit slow), asks for a blankie or medicine anytime his feelings get hurt or he gets a small owie.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Twins' Two Month Photo Shoot

We took the babies to JC Penney for their 3 month photos. I scored an awesome deal at our last shoot which made this shoot free, as well as the next six sessions free or close to it. Very cool. The twins were much more content this time around as compared to their one month shoot, no crying, no fussing, but unfortunately no smiles either. They smile all the time now, but are little stinkers about it when the camera comes out. However, smiles or no smiles, they are still as cute and as sweet as can be!


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Super Saturday 2012

The time for Super Saturday in our ward is once again upon us.  We will be having our Super Saturday and Salad Social (sisters are encouraged to bring salads for a potluck and we are awarding prizes for the best pasta salad, potato salad, green salad, fruit salad and jello salad) on November 3 from 10:00 am - 2:00 pm.  If anyone is interested in doing a craft, you will need to get your order and money to me by October 21.  This is what we are offering this year.

Keychain Wristlet - FREE!  (one per sister)
Chalkboard Countdown - $7.00 

Personalized Alphabet Photography - $1.25 per letter

Prophet Block - $5.00

Quiet Books: Articles of Faith - $3.25 or Gospel ABC $5.00

Post It Stands - $3.00

We are also offering two mini classes: Freezer Meals at 11:00 am and Basic Crochet at 1:00 pm if anyone is interested.  Everyone is invited to join in our Super Saturday fun!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Just Call me MacGyver

Who can break into a house using only a gift bag?  This girl, that's who!

Greg and I learned to break into a house using a credit card when we were subbing as apartment supervisors during our first year of marriage.  The skill has turned out to be a very helpful one.  We have broken into our house, neighbors' houses and into locked rooms in our home many times with this useful trick.

Last week, during the rush of getting all four kids and needed supplies into the van, I accidentally locked little Avonlea, as well as my wallet and all my credit cards inside the house.  I frantically checked all our doors in a hope that I would luck out and one would be open.  Nope.  So then I frantically checked the van for some type of card I could use to break in.  The only tool I could find was a gift bag.  With a desperate prayer I set to work on our front door with the gift bag in hand.  Within a minute, the door popped open and thankfully I was able to get my baby girl out.

Now before you all start getting worried about how unsafe my home is, the only reason I was able to break in was because the house was not deadbolted.  Which is always the case when we leave if we have our keys on us to do so.  Being able to break in so easily just goes to show how important it is to always deadbolt your door.  As for the locks, they are in great working condition.  In fact they were all replaced just months ago.

So, the fact that I was able to break into my home using only a gift bag is not due to an unsafe environment or faulty locks.  It is simply because my burglary skills are that good!  And as a side note - the gift bag is still usable.