Monday, September 24, 2012

Two Month Old Twins

Archer and Avonlea are two months old today.  I thought the first year flew by with my first two boys, but with twins, it goes even faster just because they keep you so busy.  They are still as sweet as can be.  They are content babies who love to eat, snooze and cuddle.  They are waking twice a night now; once in a while they only wake up once.  Sadly, they currently both have their first cold, but they are still growing well and healthy.  We are so grateful to have double the joy in the Hess home!  This is what is going on with the twins at two months of age.

Archer- Archer is getting really expressive and smiley.  He grins at just about anyone who talks to him.  His cry had gotten deeper in tone.  He is always looking around and is very observant.  In fact, he is often difficult to feed because he is so actively observing everything around him.

Stats: 10 lb. 11.5 oz. (25%), 23.8 in. (80%), head circumference measured 14.7 in. (5%)

He has learned: to smile, coo, cry real tears and my dad says he witnessed his first chuckle yesterday
He likes: rattles, baths, being swaddled, being held
He dislikes: the car seat
Things he does that makes us laugh: funny expressions

Avonlea - Avonlea is becoming more content and fusses less often than before, but when she is mad, she still lets you know it.  She doesn't smile as easily but when she does, her smile is huge. Right now she usually sleeps longer stretches than her brother, but she also usually eats a little more each feeding.  Amazingly, she can eat a whole bottle while practically sleeping.

Stats: 10 lb. 10 oz. (44%), 23.4 in (80%), head circumference
She has learned: to smile,coo and cry real tears
She likes: being held, the swing, belly time, being swaddled, baths
She dislikes: being alone
Things she does that makes us laugh: puffs out her cheeks and blows bubbles

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