Friday, September 21, 2012

Say What?

Our little boys talk nonstop.  And usually most things that come out of those little mouths gives us a good laugh.  Palmer is so very animated when he talks.  He talks with intense eye contact, with his eyes wide open and his hands adamantly moving about.  Brody talks like a baby still.  His vocabulary is huge but is speech his still quite muffled and he is breathy and pauses inbetween almost every syllable.  Greg and I, as well as many members of our extended family, can often be caught mimicking his signature speech because it's just so distinctinve and adorable.  This is what the boys have been saying lately.


At dinner he asked me, "Does Jesus have a washing machine?"  Can you tell there's been a lot of laundry going on at the Hess home?

He informed his cousin, "I suck my thumb when my mouth is cold."

Calls McDonalds "Old McDonalds."

He currently describes most things and people as, "cute."  Even if that thing is more so rough and manly than cute.

Tells random people at the store or on the street, "I have two babies."


Everything he comes in contact with brings on the request of, "I see in it." or, "I smell it."  He also sniffs everything he looks at even if it doesn't have a scent.

When around a baby he always asks, "I kiss him/her?" or, "I take care of him/her?"

Calls McDonalds "Mickey Donalds," as in Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck.

While playing in the crib with Archer he said, "Oops, I almost step on his head and make him a scary zombie!"

He has picked up each of the babies once on different occasions.  We've have several talks with him about how that is not okay and that he could hurt a baby.  He always responds, "I strong!"  (We tell him we know that, but it's still not okay to pick up a baby on his own.  We are really hoping the lesson has set in now, and that the behavior won't be repeated.)

Palmer and Brody:

Brody let out a fake sneeze while saying the words, "Bless you."  Palmer used to do this often, and it cracked us up every time. Love that Brody has picked it up now.  Brody also has just started calling sneezes "Bless yous."  The other day he sneezed and said, "Whoa, that was a big bless you!"

 Both boys have started saying, "What the..."  For a few days Palmer was saying it about every other sentence.  I'm not sure who they picked it up from.  I've caught myself saying the catch phrase a could times, as well as Greg and Sariah, and have even heard it in the boys' cartoons.  Since it sounds like the boys are about to swear when they say it, we have informed them that it is not a good thing to say.  After catching themselves for a day or two, and saying sorry each time, they have quit saying it so often.  Crazy how even at the ages of two and four, words can just slip out of their mouths.  It's a good thing that we don't swear ourselves and won't be passing on the foul habit to our children.

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Lynette said...

My kids picked up on the "What the --" habit and I nipped that one quick! It bothers me to no end that kids' shows promote "almost-swearing." It makes me mad enough to almost-swear myself! :)

Your boys are at my favorite ages/stages! I love it when they are learning new vocabulary and using it often and not correctly. :) :) :)