Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Four Year Old Preschool

Palmer started preschool last week.  We went to an open house a couple weeks before preschool started and he was so excited about his new school and his new teacher.  He talked to Miss Kathy quite a bit, telling her about his family, his new babies and his old preschool teachers.  He then explored the classroom happily playing with the little kitchen, sand table, slide and basketball hoop.  He was having so much fun that he didn't even make it outside to play on the bigger equipment.

He has been going to actual classes for a week and a half now and I can already see that he has learned so much.  For the first time he is writing his name on his own, and very legibly, I might add.  He sings me a new song that he has learned almost daily, and he is even learning words in Spanish.  Almost all the students in his class of 12 four year old are boys, which is very different for him.  At the gym daycare, his previous preschool and  church, he is surrounded by girls.  It has been great for him to be able to get out of the house and be stimulated socially, academically and creatively. I think this year of preschool is going to be a great experience for him.  Here's our little stud on his first day of four year old preschool.

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Tonya K said...

That's cute! Funny too because last year's class with Amelia there were 9 girls and 2 boys :)