Thursday, September 6, 2012

Babies' Blessings

We had the twins' baby blessings last Sunday.  There were two other babies blessed during the meeting, for a total of four babies!  Coincidentally, all the babies started with the letter A - Aidia, Archer, Avonlea, and Astin.  There have also been a couple other babies born in our ward in the past couple months who have "A" names.  Greg blessed both our babes.  It was Greg, my dad, our friend Christian, and the Bishopric in the circle.  Archer was a sweet little angel.  Even though he was awake he didn't make a peep through the whole blessing.  Avonlea screamed the whole time until the blessing came to an end.  Our little girl is such a firecracker!

In Archer's blessing Greg said that Archer had come into our family at this time for a purpose.  He blessed him with health and strength, both physically and spiritually.  He blessed him to be a beacon of light, and to be like Christ.  He was blessed to have a love for his siblings and a love of all mankind.  And he was blessed with the desire to serve a mission and marry in the temple.

Avonlea was also blessed with health and strength, physically and spiritually.  Greg said she would be blessed with virtue, following in the footsteps of her mother (aw.... such a sweet husband I have!).  Greg said she had a sweet spirit and that she would be blessed to marry in the temple and experience the joy of motherhood.

We had a luncheon at our home afterwards with the family and a couple close friends.  We all ate and chatted.  The kids played, and the babies were totally spoiled and got lots of cuddles from their loved ones.

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